the end

I have a new blog in my bag and although I didn't keep up with this one I promise I will definitely try harder with my new blog. I will even start outfit posting. Thank you all and hopefully you will check out my new blog.

Love Hannah xo


lacking in

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I realize my last post was quite depressing but I was very much in a bad mood and hadn't had the best weekend. So apologies and let's move back on to fashion blogging. I have noticed when I'm getting ready to go anywhere that I am seriously lacking in any jewelry. I need to venture out and by some new bracelets and rings because at the moment all I have is my Thomas Sabo and Tiffanys. As much as I love them both I need to move on and get some new jewelry.

Love Hannah xo



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I seem to be doing most of my blogging late at night now a days, so I'm sat here listening to delicate by damein rice on repeat ready to write. Lately I've been thinking what's the point in things, I'm back at uni now and I just keep asking myself what's the point in me being here? So I can get a degree to get a job for the rest of my life that I will hopefully enjoy? It all seems a bit pointless really don't you think? I would love to just stop what I'm doing right now and travel to a hot, beautiful beach and lie in the sand or walk under the sun in a warm field. I think I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, I don't know whether it's being sat in this tiny room or whether it's that I feel I'm being told what to do with my life but I don't feel I have any freedom (which is quite strange because usually that's what you're meant to feel when you go to university.) I watched the devil wears prada today and it kind of scared me a little, I know with it being a film it would have been exaggerated but if that's what the fashion industry is like then thats the last place I want to be. I don't understand the cruelty in people nowadays, how if you're not perfect then you're nothing. I just wonder if any of it is worth it, how can working all your life so you have a good life actually be any good because your working all the time so it can't be that good at all. For those lucky people who get the job of there dreams it maybe but for the majority of humans we spend our life doing something totally pointless. Do I think it's worth it? no. I'd rather be lying on a beach somewhere enjoy life with no money whatsoever.

Love Hannah xo


S/S 2011 - Global Catwalk Beauty


"Multi-textured or super slick, this look is ultra cool. Hair is given a modern twist for a glamorously relaxed, beach-inspired feeling that appears as if you have just stepped out of the sea."
Ben Cooke, session hairstylist and co-founder of Lockonego
Working in line with WGSN's Active Utility apparel trends, this beauty look focuses on wet textures and dewy, shiny complexions. Although make-up is minimal, the models' skin appears radiant and glowing, as if they have just been running. In terms of colours, peachy tones on the lips and cheek offer a flushed look. Hair has a slight beachy texture to it, and is left loose and damp or scraped up messily. For inspirational hair and make-up, look to designers such as Bottega Veneta and Rag & Bone, who worked this trend the best.


“This is weightless, effortless make-up inspired by woodland fairies and nymphs… There’s an innocence about it. It feels poetic.”
Make-up artist Andrew Gallimore

Girly with a romantic twist, this trend is all about feminine and delicate make-up and girlish pastoral hairstyling. Pastel make-up is key, with pale lilac tones taking centre stage on the eyes and lips. Cheeks are flushed with a hint of peach. Simple ponytails and back French plaits are embellished with floral clips and silk scarves to complement the soft make-up. Probably one of the most commercially wearable beauty looks to come through this season, look to Blugirl, Erdem and Mary Katrantzou for inspiration.


"Beautiful sunset hues set off this wistful, romantic era, with bright, bold colours taking a step back. Colours are kept minimal and delicate, but sculpting is key. Rich golds and deep pumpkin tones caress subtly bronzed skin to create an ethereal luminosity."
Dani Guinsberg, head of make-up at the Session School

The 70s proved to be a big hit on the spring/summer 2011 runway this season, with designers opting for a bohemian beauty look. Influenced by the strong 70s clothing and urban colours (cinnamon, tawny browns, gold, ginger and orange tones) seen on the catwalk, make-up also followed in a similar direction, with bronzed cheeks, brown lips and golden metallic eyes. This look is about sculpting the face to add definition to each facial feature, while colour is kept minimal and soft. Hair is loose and wavy, with a headscarf wrapped around the head. For inspirational hair and make-up, look to Ports 1961 and Emilio Pucci.


“This is make-up for your playful side. It’s about being creative and experimental with the whole face.”
Make-up artist and UK make-up director for Maybelline New York, Sharon Dowsett

Hair and make-up are playful, fun, bold and bright, with coloured strips in the hair and vivid eye make-up in a rainbow of vibrant hues. Probably one of the most extreme beauty styles to emerge this season - and going against conventional hair and make-up looks - this trend is all about clashing colours for a dramatic statement effect. It’s about being experimental and creative, pushing boundaries with make-up and hair colours in neon-bright tones. Mix blue and green with hot tones of orange and yellow for high impact. Colour is punchy and strong, with acid-bright tones of yellow, blue, green, pink and orange making up the key colour palette. Eyes and lips are played up to maximum effect, with strong colours worked all over the face for an eye-catching appeal. Hair is dyed in a rainbow of multicoloured hues.

I Need A Holiday

Me and my friends have been trying to plan a holiday these last few days and its just making me want to go on holiday more and more everyday and get away from rainy Preston. These are a few pictures from my holiday last year and looking back at them it just makes me miss the sun. I keep looking in to bikinis I can buy for next summer because my top size seems to change from a day to day bases but so far I have found none. If you know any websites that sell nice DD+ bikini tops feel free to leave a comment of the website.

Love Hannah xo

Colour Palettes

I'm such a terrible blogger, I always forget to blog and it gets left for weeks. I've been looking at the colour palettes of A/W 12/13 from the US Colour Direction. I picked out my 3 favourite colour palettes for you all.

Hannah xo

Outlandish autumnals - Grand richness/ fierce / eccentric / pomp.

Red - Reds are fiery and flamboyant, taking over from the yellows as a key colour to layer in warm corals, lively flame red, tomato red, ginger peach, deep red and rich, burnt, dark brown.

Grey Blues - Grey blues appear as a new level. Muted tones range from newspaper white and greyed lilac to denim blue mid-tones, a cold and dark steely blue grey and deep indigo.


pure jealousy

After seeing her perform her new song, what's my name, on the x factor a few weeks ago I can safely say like every other girl in Britain we could never match up to the perfection that is Rihanna. Although I probably felt 10 times worse because I had just eaten a massive plate of fish and chips. What I found interesting was that I didn't feel normal jealousy, like that hatred jealousy you develop towards good looking girls it just made me love her even more than I already did. She's pure perfection, confident, amazing dancer and singer not to mention absolutely stunning, what more could any guy want (chris brown you idiot.) So for christmas I asked santa if I could be Rihanna, unfortunately I just got her album instead. Got to say it's pretty good though.

Love Hannah xo